Q and A


Is this a Family friendly activity?

Yes! This activity is great for family bonding! Kids under 18 must be accommodated by an adult.

What kind of trails will we ride?

Jasper is predominantly cross country trails. Trails in the valley provide light climbs, single track and double track. Trails on the 'bench' provide tougher climbs and elevation. Most of our trails are hand built by volunteers and do not have man made features. Some trails are packed down wit machines to prevent erosion.

Do I need to bring my bike?

Nope! We have bike rentals in Jasper. However if you would like to bring your own bike feel free.

Do I need a helmet?

Helmets are mandatory no exceptions. A bike helmet is included with a bike rental. If you bring your own helmet that's great to. If you bring your own bike and need a helmet we can arrange that.

Can we come tomorrow?

Booking in advance is highly recommended. Our online platform will let you book from a year up to 24 hrs before. If you have not booked in advance and there are still tours available for that day you will have to call us to book.  

Can I bring my dog or baby?

No sorry. Children must be over six years old and able to ride a bike without training wheels. Dogs are not allowed off leash in the National Park. If you require baby sitting or dog sitting there is a local service called Jasper Nanny which you can contact.

How do I know if my fitness level is good enough?

Our beginner tour for three hours with photo breaks and a snack break is usually something most able bodied people can endure. If you can walk in the city for four hours you should be able to come biking with us.

What if we have to cancel?

Cancellations are accepted with valid reason and will be fully refunded if done 48 hours before your tour.

What if the weather is bad?

If there is light rain we will still go biking. Unpredictable events like hail, wild fires, snow, wind storms, may occur. If for some reason your guide believes it is  not safe to go riding at that time a later time may be negotiated. Your safety is the most important to us and we have the right to cancel at any time for safety reasons.

Do I need to have travel insurance?

Travel insurance is recommended but under your own discretion. Each rider is required to fill out and sign a waiver before the tour. This waiver highlights that you are responsible for the risks and liabilities of the sport.

What if there is a language barrier?

We understand our customers come from all over the world. Currently we only offer guides who speak English. We recommend for the best experience and for your safety that you only participate in our tour if you can understand basic instructions in English.

Where is the best place to stay in Jasper AB?

Accomodation fills up quickly in Jasper. We recommend you book a hotel room or campsite in advance. Hotels options are many. Our friends at the Astoria and the Robson House would be a great place to start. Whirlpool and wapiti campgrounds through parks Canada are close to town with showers. Camper vans, RVs, and trailers are not allowed to park in the town overnight.


What if I want to rent a bike other that a hard tail?

We recommend hard tail bikes for our beginner Public tours. However if you would like to rent a full suspension or something else please email by replying to your booking confirmation email. Alternatively email us the time and date of your booking, the size and type of bike you would like to rent. We can then make the appropriate reservation for you can you can pay the rental cost/difference upon arrival. 

I am having trouble booking online, what should I do?

No worries we try to make everything simple for you so you just have to worry about your vacaion. If you are unable to book online due to technical difficulties please email us info@journeybikeguides.com  any time or call us between 8:00am and 9:00pm 780-852-7738 .

Can I leave my bags somewhere during the tour?

Please come prepared with only what you will need to go biking, we cannot be responsible for anything left unattended and do not have lockers.

I noticed these tours on Air BNB, TripAdvisor, or somewhere else. What is the best way to book?

These are all great options. Any company promoting our products has the authorization to do so. The best way to book is in advance through our website. This has the most up to date availability and ensures we can contact you with a confirmation and tour updates.

Our hotel concierge recommended we take this tour and helped us book do we need to follow up?

Great to hear! If you provided your email and received a confirmation email from us you are all set! If you did not receive a confirmation email maybe give us a shout and we can confirm for you.